GasKit is a Hardware and Software solution aimed at LP Gas Suppliers and Distributors.

The system enables suppliers to track and control consumption and accounts, manage customers, set tariffs, and automate alerts and invoicing.

It also allows the end-user to gain access to detailed consumption data, manage spending, configure alerts, and download statements and invoices.

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GasKit offers a rich feature-set that has been designed specifically with the LP Gas Supplier in mind

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IOT Hardware

GasKit uses modern Internet-of-Things hardware to gather telemetry readings. Our transmitters provide up to 5 years battery life, and no SIM card is required.

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Get notified if a transmitter stops sending readings or has a low battery.

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Leak Detection

GasKit will notify the administrator if a leak pattern is detected on any meters.

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Automated Reporting

Receive daily reports on customer balances and historic consumption in your inbox.

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Invoice Run

Automatically generate a monthly invoice based on a customer's consumption and assigned tariffs.

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Technicians Android App

Empower your field technicians to install, commission and test customer installations on-site and in less than 10 minutes.

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Manage Customer Data

Manage and search all your customers' data from one location.

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Buildings and Complexes

Group customers by buildings or complexes.

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Meter Management

Assign meters to customers, and manage meter type, tariffs, conversion factors and serial numbers.

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Meter Splits

Split the consumption of a meter between up to 4 different customers, each with their own share percentage and tariffs.

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Customer Types

Choose between prepaid and invoiced customers, and view and manage customer transactions and wallet balances.

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Mobile Friendly

Access the GasKit portal from anywhere using your smart phone.

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Customer Portal

Customers can log in to draw reports, manage notifications, view transactions and make payments.

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Admin Settings

Configure GasKit according to your preferences. Set your Invoice and Statement letterheads, notification templates and general preferences.

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Interactive Dashboard

View alerts, recent consumption and recent transactions at a glance.

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Consumption Tariffs

Define the consumption tariff in Rand per Cubic Meter that each customer is charged. Set start and end dates per tariff.

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Rental Tariffs

Customers with hardware rental or HP agreements can be set banded consumption targets.

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Basic Tariffs

Charge your customers fixed monthly fees for anything from GasKit access to SMS Communication fees.

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Once-off Tariffs

This feature allows you to charge your customer once-off fee, for example for replacement of equipment.

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Administrator Notifications

Set custom threshold for admin notifications about customer balances.

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Customer Notifications

Customers can define custom thresholds to receive email or SMS alerts about their balances.

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Manage Internal Users and Roles

Manage your internal users and assign standard or custom roles. Custom roles include Administration, Clerk, Technician, and Customer.

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Invoices and Statements

View auto-generated invoices and statements per customer, or generate ad-hoc statements.

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Consumption Reports

Generate consumption reports to view cumulative and per-period consumption trends per customer.

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GasKit was launched in September 2018 by Binary Moon. Currently our focus is on establishing GasKit as the preferred LP Gas Supply Telemetry Solution, and our aim in the medium term is to expand into water and electricity telemetry solutions.

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